NubeCo Carpet Cleaning is dedicated to establishing long-term relationships with our customers and vendors through integrity, open communication, industry knowledge, and established and proven procedures. Recognizing the value of long-term relationships with our customers. They can be confident that they are receiving the best service available. This is done by our focus on the cleaning of their carpets and the benefit of knowing that they have a healthier environment.
About Us
We are a family owned business located in Springfield, Missouri.

  • We use a low moisture soil encapsulation process that is all “green”.
  • Our process is environmentally and family friendly.
  • Dries quickly, approximatley an hour or less.  Immediatlely ready for use, no waiting for drying time.
  • Our low moisture soil encapsulation process is recommended and preferred by carpet manufacturers to clean your carpet without voiding your manufacturer's warranty.
  • NubeCo is Licensed, Bonded and Insured.


​Our Prices
    $33 per room (minimum of two rooms)*

* (Large Room-300 sq.ft. - $45.00)


Amazing job they did for us. The pet stains we had on light carpet were gone and the carpet looked like new again. Was dry in no time and the pile was lifted where we walk in our high traffic areas. the company and their staff are great! Will use again soon. Thanks….
Sheila Terry
What an awesome company. Staff is completely professional and does a great job. The machine is very quiet and within an hour my carpet was fully dry. They got stains up that i never thought we would see go. You can’t get your carpets done by any better of a company.
Mary E. Lee
We have used NubeCo to clean our home and our son’s rental house when he moved. Pet stains were removed, dried quickly, and white carpets were white once again!
Carla Bell